About the Photographer | Definitions

I guess the easiest way to describe Macro is that it is photography of really tiny critters and fish. I like it because it takes you right down into their world. Most of these images are taken with a 60 mm and a 105 mm lens on a housed Nikon camera. A few of the older ones are taken with extension tubes and framers on a Nikonos 5 and on some I used a special macro lens that fits over the top of a 35 mm lens on the Nikonos 5. Some of the extreme close-ups are taken with a 2:1 diopter that attaches over the port for the 105 mm lens. Shooting this can be a challenge because if there is the slightest bit of surge or current or your subject is moving around a lot, youíre pretty much toast. It can be really tough keeping your subject in the viewfinder. Itís kind of like trying to catch a housefly with chopsticks.

Wide Angle
These are the reef scenics with pictures of divers and schools of fish and lots of blue water. Usually they are more effective in clearer water. I like the fisheye lenses like the 10.5 mm and the 16 mm lens probably the best. Depending on what kind of subject matter Iím shooting, I typically use a 10.5 mm, a 16 mm, a 10-17 mm zoom, or a 12-24 mm zoom lens however, one of the unwritten laws of underwater photography states that you will have the wrong lens on the camera when the Whale Shark swims by.

These shots are from Cozumel, Belize, Bonaire, or Grand Cayman. Theyíre a mixture of film and digital. Generally, the Caribbean Ocean is where I have the found the best visibility underwater, often exceeding 100 feet. While the aquatic life here is stunning, it still canít compare to the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

West Coast- North America
These shots range from San Clemente Island in southern California to Port Hardy in British Columbia. The majority are from the Channel Islands and Monterey. Itís the land of cold water, crummy visibility, and surge, so if you can learn to take underwater pictures here, most any place else in the world will seem easy by comparison. It is also the land of majestic kelp forests and it is their beauty that keeps me coming back to fight the cold and surge.

These shots represent the underwater life of Indonesia and Malaysia through Micronesia and on to Fiji. There are also a couple from Hawaii. These waters are generally warm and clear and possess arguably the most colorful sea life found on the planet. Some of the exotic species found here practically defy the imagination. It really makes you wonder at the creative force that led to the bizarre adaptation of some of these creatures.

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