Galapagos Seires NEW GALLERY!
Six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador, straddling the equator, lay the Galapagos Islands Archipelago.  Thirteen major islands – one over eighty miles long and a number of much smaller ones, make up one of the most unique eco-systems in the world... more
IndoPacific Wide Series
Hard and soft coral of every color in the rainbow, small coral heads covered with thousands of brightly colored fish -- these are the images people think of when they think of coral reefs. The underwater life here defies the imagination both in beaut... more
IndoPacific Macro Series
Underwater photographers know the term “muck diving.” This describes swimming through what seems like acres of nondescript, boring ocean floor often in really lousy visibility searching for that rare, brightly colored animal that will elicit oohs and... more
West Coast Wide Series
Most days the visibility doesn’t cooperate so the background water is green or, worse yet, brown, but on those days when the visibility is good -- it’s really good. Crummy viz causes you to narrow your focus and frame your shots so there is less back... more
West Coast Macro Seires
Prowling through the multitude of various plant and animal life that covers the rocks, searching for those well camouflaged critters is sometimes like searching for a needle in a haystack. Other times the critters seem to hang out in plain sight just... more
Caribbean Wide Series
When I first started shooting underwater I concentrated on wide angle. I felt this presented a greater challenge than macro plus I was in possession of the amazing Nikonos 15 mm lens. With a lens of that quality you want to try and maximize its poten... more
Caribbean Macro Series
Most of these shots are from Cozumel and Bonaire. They’re all film shots and they span about six years from about 1996 to 2002. With a few exceptions, they have all been shot with a Nikonos 5. Generally, the Caribbean Ocean is where I have the found... more
These are the most recent photos added to my website. This portfolio may contain a mixture of wide and macro. My most recent trip was a six day trip to the southern Channel Islands off of Southern California. We visited Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente Island, and Catalina. The highlight of the trip was the shark encounter...more

  All of the images are available for sale. I use
the services of Pictopia to make prints. I send

  There is an enormous amount of written material
on how to shoot underwater pictures. I know, because...more

View this photo (IMP_046.jpg) in the Indo Pacific Macro here

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